Porsche Rejuvenation and Interior Detailing Package

Porsche Rejuvenation and Interior Detailing Package

Porsche Centre Gold Coast

Keep your Porsche looking brand new

Porsche Rejuvenation Packages put your Porsche through the full treatment - both inside and out.

Our factory trained and highly experienced Detailing Technicians will extensively clean the paint surface to remove all contaminants before it is assessed to ensure all micro-scratches, swirls and marks are filled in. Paintwork can now be re-sealed and restored to showroom condition.

The rejuvenation process includes:

  • Extensive cleaning
  • Paint preparation
  • Coating and detailing with Permagard paint protection - a treatment developed by the aviation industry and used by Qantas, Virgin and major international airlines to maintain aircraft appearance and reduce maintenance.

The result: a glass-like finish, which prevents oxidising and fading, while protecting paint from common contaminants such as bird lime, tree, sap, UV rays and acid rain.

To book your Porsche in for this luxury treatment, call (07) 5555 7911 or email service@pcgc.com.au today!

For additional information on the Porsche Rejuvenation package, please click the link below.


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